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Prosthodontic Care in Scottsdale

When your smile requires prosthetics to replace teeth, you want these restorations to be accurately designed and fabricated with high quality materials. Well-fitting, lifelike prosthetics provide you comfortable function and an attractive smile. 

At Beischel Family Dentistry, we work with the best and most respected labs in Paradise Valley. Dr. Douglas Beischel and his dedicated team provide prosthodontic care that makes your smile look and feel normal and healthy. 

Lifelike Prosthetics to Replace Missing Teeth

Dr. Beischel has over 20 years of experience working with dental prosthodontics. He designs dentures and partial dentures that are both permanent and removable. The prosthetics consist of acrylic that is matched to the color of your gums and lustrous porcelain crowns that shine like natural teeth. 

There are several different types of dentures:

  • Removable Dentures replace a full arch of teeth. They rest on top of gums and rely on suction and adhesive paste to remain in place. 
  • Hybrid Dentures are permanently secured by implant posts and replace a full arch of teeth. 
  • Overdentures are removable and replace a full arch of teeth. They are supported by dental implants and clip onto implant posts. 
  • Partial Dentures are removable and replace either a row of teeth or several intermittently missing teeth. For support, they clip onto neighboring teeth with metal hooks. 

Quality Dentures for Optimal Fit and Attractive Smiles 

Dr. Beischel has the expertise to design prosthetics that flatter your features and fit comfortably. With removable dentures, he works closely with patients to adjust the dentures to the muscular dynamics and tissue contours that are unique to their oral structure.

Beischel Family Dentistry Provides Outstanding Prosthodontic Care

When you need quality prosthetics, give the dental office of Dr. Douglas Beischel a call. Located in Paradise Valley, Beischel Family Dentistry provides beautiful restorative dentures that give you a natural and appealing smile. 

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