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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Paradise Valley

Tooth discoloration is caused by several factors. You acquired stains from eating and drinking highly pigmented food products and engaging in bad habits. Whatever the cause of discoloration, there is a way your dental professional can help.

At Beischel Family Dentistry, we provide Boost® tooth-whitening treatments that whiten your smile, so your natural beauty is enhanced. Dr. Douglas Beischel and his friendly team serve patients living in Paradise Valley and surrounding communities.

Benefits of Professional Teeth-Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatment can provide maximum brightening power in minimal time. Many people find it a convenient addition to a cleaning appointment. The procedure usually takes about an hour, depending on your teeth’s level of discoloration. To maintain your bright smile, Dr. Beischel can provide take-home customized trays and gel, which can be used conveniently at your own pace. 

Boost whitening gel is a professional strength bleach containing 38 percent of powerful hydrogen peroxide. This system activates the gel immediately before use to ensure its optimal effectiveness. The gel also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce tooth sensitivity, strengthen enamel, and help prevent cavities.

Simple Process for Effective Whitening

The treatment begins with the placement of a cheek retractor and tongue guard to protect soft tissues and allow easy access to your smile. Teeth are rinsed and dried before a gingival barrier is placed along the entire gum line in the upper and lower bite. The barrier protects the gums and prevents irritation.

Once prepared, our dental professional places the gel on the teeth. Boost® whitening gel has a red tint so the dentist can be certain to that gel covers the entire tooth. After 15 minutes, the gel is rinsed off, the teeth are dried, and the process is repeated to the patient’s desired shade. 

The average patient repeats the whitening cycle 3 to 4 times, but for those with more extensive staining, the process can be repeated up to six times. After each cycle, you can evaluate your progress and determine when you are satisfied with your treatment. Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity and follow up treatments are sometimes recommended. 

After treatment, Dr. Beischel can take a digital impression of your teeth and design customized trays for you to take home with professional-strength gel. 

Beischel Family Dentistry Brightens Smiles 

Contact Beischel Family Dentistry in Paradise Valley if you are seeking a safe and effective way to brighten and enhance your smile. Dr. Douglas Beischel and his friendly team look forward to hearing from you. 

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