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It’s no secret that fear of going to a dentist is one of the most popular phobias around. About 1 in 7 adults are very anxious about going to a dentist, and their reason for the fear often involves having a tooth drilled or having a local anesthetic injection. By some estimates, a visit to a dentist ranks as a more nerve-wracking prospect than heights. Almost 10 times as many people are nervous about going to the dentist as they are to going to their doctor. Dr. Beischel, your Paradise Valley family dentist recognizes this.

Our Caring Dental Staff

Paradise Valley Dental ClinicMany dentists actually go into the profession because they actually do care about their patients. And that’s why it’s imperative that they act as caring and as compassionate as they can, which is what our Paradise Valley dentists do. Our belief is that part of the oral care service we provide at our Paradise Valley dental practice is to provide as pleasant a visit as possible.

It’s important, because we want people to come back to our Paradise Valley family dental center — or to any clinic for that matter that provides them with proper dental care. It’s a disservice to our patients if we don’t try to alleviate their anxiety. It’s part of the job. Coincidentally, it makes good business sense too!

Family Dentistry in Paradise Valley

Whether you need just an oral cleaning and basic dental hygiene or more advanced procedures like our Perio Protect treatment, porcelain veneers or teeth whitening in the Paradise Valley area, we urge you to contact us to discuss all of your family’s dental needs. Click here to call us today (480) 948-1450.

The Gold-Standard of Patient Care

The signs of a caring dental center start when a patient comes in our front door. We try to make our waiting room a relaxing place for patients, especially when they have children with them.

Family Dentistry

We then talk to our patients first, and then we try to determine the exact cause of their fear. We can then come up with a strategy to help them overcome their anxiety.

Sometimes the fear is all about the unknown, so generally start with some conversation beforehand so that the patient gets to know the dentist. And then we explain what it is we do if we’re about to perform a procedure, even if it’s just cleaning the teeth. We want our patients to know what to expect, and that helps them relax more.

For those who are intimidated with our dental instruments, we sometimes offer patients to hold these instruments. That simple act makes these tools seem less strange, and they can become as familiar as other regular tools.

Our dentists also don’t act ominous nor intimidating. Instead, they engage in friendly conversation that makes them human. They speak in even voices so that they can reassure patients. Sometimes dentists in other clinics may seem exasperated or impatient with patients, but that doesn’t happen in our clinic.

In some cases, people are nervous about the whirring of the tools the dentists use. But we can offer earplugs so that they don’t have to hear those noises at all.

We also have patients who are averse to lying back in the dental chair. When that’s the case, we can accommodate their wishes and have them lie back in a half-back position.

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We have many other tactics we can use so that we can put our patients at ease. It’s not an extra service. For us, it is a normal part of our responsibilities as dental care professionals.